Feb 22

What the F*ck is Outsourcing?!

I need to tell you something shocking — nothing scandalous or anything, just an admission of sorts. SupportNinja is the first and only outsourcing team I have worked on.

But the real shocker? I have been outsourcing my whole life — I just didn’t know it. So I knew more than I initially thought when I joined this fantastic team.

If you’re not sure you’ve ever “outsourced,” then let me tell you how you have (and almost everyone has) at some point or another in your life. For me, it all started at birth. I was born as an outsourcer, as I think many of you did as well. I effectively took the duties of refuse removal/disposal as well as general clean-up to my outsourcing firm, the parents LLC. I trust them with a considerable part of my upbringing and maintenance to ensure I grew effectively. Sure, it may not have been a negotiated contract, but it was a contract to secure my future growth.

You might think this is a joke but let me assure you that this “outsourcing” of components of my life did not and had not stopped to this day. It continues to this day. Every Uber ride, every restaurant I ate at, etc. is a form of outsourcing some component of my life. Shoot, I even outsource my analysis of my viewing habits to algorithms designed to provide my next choice in binge on Netflix or Hulu.

This outsourcing should not be a secret, but it is for many of us. We like to pretend that we are these self-sufficient organizations that do not require outside expertise for a reasonable price. However, outsourcing is a tried and true part of all of our existence. We delegate to the ideas of “outsourcing” to agents in India handling calls, many times with the air of inefficiency and poor quality. As such, “outsourcing” has become a bad word. I argue it is more than the call center or the group of folks who answer a phone, it is trusting talented individuals to support you and your team in their growth.

The best experiences in my career and life have been when I have removed the things I am not particularly skilled at or would need more time to complete than a professional. Pablo Picasso was right when he said, “Art is the elimination of the unnecessary.” That is freeing our mind to focus on what we love and are good at by removing the unnecessary for us to do, that my mind can expand and grow to fill the void their absence creates. That is what “outsourcing” is, that freedom created when you realize others could do something better than you can and eliminate the unnecessary from your work.

At SupportNinja, that is what we hope to change the world’s view of outsourcing. We allow start-ups and high growth companies to focus on their key competencies and strategic goals by providing a dedicated outsourced team of Ninjas. We do this by building the same trust you experience when you outsource other components of your life daily using service providers. We build a trust and connection with our clients to smash the traditional notion of a team across the world doing work you do not want to do. Rather outsourcing is the integration of a remote team that is dedicated to your team and your mission.

So what the fuck is outsourcing? So much more than you think.

By Craig Crisler, COO of SupportNinja

Craig Crisler joined SupportNinja in 2017. In 2018, Craig was promoted to Chief Operations Officer overseeing a team of 400+ employees. To connect with Craig on LinkedIn, click here. For more information about SupportNinja, click here.

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