Content Moderation

Create a caring, inclusive environment to protect your brand community and ensure user wellbeing.

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Uphold your Community Standards

Strengthen your digital presence with the support of a team devoted to implementing your community guidelines and rules of engagement. Facilitate an omnichannel approach that allows consistency for customers interacting with you.

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Protect Your Audience’s Experience

With our all-encompassing approach, you can rest easy no matter what size your community is. Our highly skilled Ninjas are here to assist you in creating a trustworthy and reliable brand image.

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Content Moderation Outsourcing Benefits

Our mission is to safeguard your customers, while igniting enthusiasm to engage with your brand.

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User Safety Assurance

Carefully reviewing user-generated content is no easy task, especially across the expansive landscape of social media, gaming platforms, digital applications, live-streaming services and online marketplaces. With careful moderation practices in place, your service can ensure a safe, inclusive user experience for all.

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Up-To-The-Minute Community Monitoring

Foster relationships with your followers with proactive, open dialogue across your social media channels to ensure you are collecting the voice of your customers across all touchpoints.

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Robust Content Filtering and Curation

We commit to a comprehensive screening process of all content before delivery to ensure that your customers consistently receive valuable and relevant information.

People-Centric By Design

For nearly a decade, we have been scaling companies while fostering the growth, wellbeing, and career development of our people.

We’re proud of our diverse, dynamic team that spans time zones, languages, and skill sets. You’ll soon discover that with us, work isn’t transactional, it is our passion.

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We hate to brag, but are flattered when our clients do it for us.

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Still Have Questions?

We are here to answer your questions and get to work helping you help your customers.

What platforms do you support?

The content moderation service we provide is centered around client-specific platforms. We have a wide array of talent expertise and technological capabilities to serve your customers on the platforms that matter most to your online communities.

What materials are needed for training?

We start with a basic knowledge base, brand guidelines including voice and tone as well as any other existing materials. We will customize a training approach depending on the platforms in which you need support and based on the specific needs and guidelines for those particular channels to craft a trusted voice that feels authentic to your brand.

How many languages do you support?

We support more than 10 languages around the world to support content moderation as well as our other services, but can also secure talent with native support in additional languages should your scope of service be more expansive.

Are all of your services available 24/7?

All services can be provided  24/7 to help meet production and timeliness business requirements, including content moderation.

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