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When you’re growing a company at a million miles an hour, some things will inevitably get overlooked. Social media apps have ushered in a new era of connectivity, allowing people separated by thousands of miles to interact with one another as if they were right next to each other. New apps and ideas to improve this human connection are being invented all the time.

Social apps and even some platforms involve a certain level of information exchange that will often require moderation by the company behind the platform.

This is where we come in – when AI and developers just can’t fill the void.

We can serve as Ninja package managers; constantly absorbing information and determining the best chute to send it down. We are often asked to take over entire abuse departments, leaving Ninjas to serve as the final authority in determining whether user-reported content should be approved or rejected.

From profile picture approval to determining the best way to categorize a piece of content, there are many ways our Ninjas can augment your content moderation capacity. At the same time, we’ll become a reliable and effective secondary workforce, capable of scaling any type of curation with ease.

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Image Moderation

Platforms involving vast quantities of image sorting and categorization are growing exponentially. From tagging to sorting, we can handle a wide variety of these tasks for you.

Abuse Department

When your platform exists to facilitate user interaction, keeping it all in check can become too much to bear. Trust that your Ninjas can make the right decisions at a scalable cost.

Content Filtering

Whether you need us to sift through user-generated content or enforce your community guidelines, your Ninjas can handle it. We’ll define matching criteria that your Ninjas will follow day in and day out.

Custom KPI Dashboards

Our impact on your company will be huge, but we don’t just tell you that. We’ll provide Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, that actually measure our success in getting your company to where you need it to be. That way, you’re making key data-driven decisions on all aspects of your company’s future. We’ll set precedents and then show you when we break records.

Ninja Success Manager

Building a team of Ninjas isn’t always easy. It requires constant vigilance and focus to ensure a smooth rollout and maintain consistency. This is where our Ninja Success Managers come in. They only work with a handful of clients each and are positioned to become an integral part of your team. They’ll work alongside you using your communication tools. They’ll act as a liaison between your company the Ninja team hired to serve it. They’ll solve small problems before they become big problems. Sure, it’s part art, but it’s also part of being a Ninja Success Manager.

Free Recruitment

Finding the right team members with the right background to support their role is a time-tested task that we don’t take lightly. As Ninja pickup artists, we have an extensive six stage recruitment process that takes each candidate through a series of tests and interviews to find the most suitable candidates for any role. No matter how many candidates you need or how many hiring stages you go through, it’ll never cost you a penny.

Performance Warranty

What good are Ninjas unless they operate with precision at peak performance? We’ll work with you to establish a set of standards that our Ninjas will need to meet when compared against an average. Should any Ninja fall short, we will provide them with additional training and one-on-one time. In the unlikely event that you’re still not satisfied, we’ll replace any underperforming team members free of charge.


Build Your knowledgebase

While we build your team, you’ll be building valuable knowledge with the processes we create based on the interactions we have with your customers.

Compatible with Your Tools

No matter what software you’re already using, we’ll integrate our Ninjas onto your platform and work with your developers to make it all happen seamlessly.

Worry-Free HR Management

We’ll cover all aspects of HR including recruitment, payroll, and benefits. One less thing in your way so you can just focus on what you’re awesome at.

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If I had to choose 1 word to describe these guys, it’d be BADASSES. I make and review apps across the IOS and Android platform and found myself struggling to keep up with my users so I could effectively improve each apps performance. We discussed a few possible solutions and although I was hesitant at first, I’m glad I made the leap. Today I’ve got 3 full time guys working for me and they all sit right next to eachother. 1 guy does dev work and fixes user reported bugs, another helps me with app reviews and the ladder handles full-on support mon-fri. Every monday we have a team meeting and they go off and do their thing for most of the week. I typically don’t write reviews but these guys are amazing with everything they’ve been able to offer and I look forward to growing my app business with them every step of the way!

\m/ ROCK-ON \m/

Bojan SavicFounder, IntellectuApp

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