eCommerce customer service outsourcing

Nurture growth without sacrificing CX

Accelerating growth doesn’t have to mean cutting corners with your CX. You can maintain high quality standards without breaking the bank. Ninjas can provide omnichannel customer service, map out customer intent for support interactions, and anticipate needs based on feedback.

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The right talent for your support goals

With SupportNinja, you’ll find capacity again. Free up resources and simplify scaling with access to global, hand-picked talent for eCommerce customer support outsourcing. Your account-exclusive Ninjas will become experts in your world. Prevent the backlog and peak hours or peak season issues with the right team.

eCommerce customer service outsourcing benefits

Our Ninjas are incredible people, doing incredible work — 24/7. Your bespoke team will help your customers with website navigation, order fulfillment questions, refunds, and any other type of inquiry they might have.

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Customer delight, not damage control

Product recommendations from friends and family carry more weight than marketing ever will. We help companies just like yours to raise their CSAT and turn customers into brand advocates.

The superpower behind business growth

It’s no small feat to keep your eCommerce company scaling upwards. Having to safeguard customer journeys at the same time doesn’t allow you to fully focus on your long-term strategies. We’ll ensure you don’t have to worry about support.

Simple, streamlined order management

One of our eCommerce clients faced delays in addressing inquiries and transaction requests, affecting customer loyalty. Ninjas streamlined their workflow with a cloud-based CRM solution, improving CSAT by 23% in 30 days.

Peak hours? Peak performance

Outsource eCommerce customer service and cultivate happy customers with 24/7 service, 10+ languages, omnichannel support, and enhanced CX.

Sprint or marathon, we’ve got you. Scale up, scale back, or reallocate resources seamlessly. We’re the right-size outsourcing partner at every step of the way — and when things change, we’ll pivot with you.

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Outsourced customer service for eCommerce FAQ

What is eCommerce customer service outsourcing?

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How much does it cost to outsource eCommerce support?

Can I pick support agents myself?

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Design a custom outsourcing solution that enables you to enjoy ease and ultimate peace of mind. We’ve got you.

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