Customer support for AI companies

Solve for actual or anticipated tickets

Whether you offer GenAI, analytical AI, or a comprehensive suite of AI solutions — we'll safeguard CX and create customer delight. Our Ninjas provide seamless capacity for a high volume of customer inquiries, offloading the burden from internal teams. Together, we’ll help customers endorse your AI force.

Automation and machine learning experts

Is your solution focused on big data, analytics processing, competitive intelligence, cognitive AI, 3D visual intelligence, or other complex processes? Ninjas will become experts in your world, simplifying the complex for your end users.

Benefits of outsourcing tech support for AI

Whether you want to migrate to a more robust CX tech, replace or enhance your current support with additional capabilities, or supplement your AI solution with human resources in the loop, SupportNinja is your trusted partner for outsourcing CX tech support for your AI solution. No need to grow alone — squad up.

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Not just customer or tech support

We offer more than customer support for AI pros. Ninjas can also provide product design, testing, and troubleshooting. We're also pros at data entry / processing, workforce management, support QA, and content moderation. We’ve got you covered!

Bespoke prompt engineering + prompt training

We’ll train your AI model to correctly understand and respond to specific prompts, questions, or other inputs. We can help it improve via transfer learning (TL), contextual AI, content moderation, generative adversarial networks (GANs), and more.

A wider world of high-tech talent

Why search for the best possible candidates only in your ZIP code? Let’s go international — no passport required! SupportNinja operates globally, which means 10+ languages, 24/7 availability, extended customer reach, and cost optimization — with expertise in solving for scale in AI companies.

Scale doesn't happen overnight. Or does it?

You provide the AI. We’ll provide the people to back it up. With Ninjas safeguarding what you’ve built, you can set your sights higher.

SupportNinja accelerates growth through both front-office and back-office support. With us helping you scale up, scale back, or reallocate resources, it’s easier than ever to grow at scale. We’re people people.

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Outsourcing support for AI companies FAQ

What is customer support for AI companies?

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Can I pick AI-related support agents myself?

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