SaaS Customer Support Outsourcing

Access a wider world of tech talent

Go international – no passport required! Our global outsourcing model comes packed with 10+ languages, follow-the-sun coverage, and backlog-busting superpowers.

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Customer-first SaaS support services

Your customers’ journeys are front and center for us. We know how to support them at every step of the way: from product consideration, to platform onboarding, to any tech or subscription/pay-per-use difficulty. Let’s squad up and create customer delight together.

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SaaS customer support outsourcing benefits

Outsourcing support helps safeguard what you’ve already built. You get to focus on maximizing strategic value creation, while we handle your frontlines.

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Cost-efficiency and quality

Sourcing, interviewing, onboarding, and retaining staff is no small feat. Outsourcing SaaS support services relieves you of that burden, providing you with hassle-free, on-demand, affordable talent. 

Passionate technophiles, 24/7

Ninjas become an extension of your internal teams. Their passion for tech, AI and ML empowers them to quickly become subject matter experts, delivering single-account support around the clock.

Instant access to growth expertise

We handle customer support for several SaaS companies, enabling them to keep growing cost-effectively. With us, you get a partner that wants to see you succeed.

An integrated, dedicated, seamless experience

Help your customers make the most of your SaaS solution. Seamless, scalable, on-demand SaaS support outsourcing. We integrate with your IT infrastructure. No need to change your IT infrastructure. We’ll get behind whatever CRM you’re using, or help you choose one that fits your needs.

Your success is our success, so everything that we do is customized to your needs, plus you get a dedicated support model – your Ninjas will only work for you – no other accounts.

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SaaS support outsourcing FAQ

What is SaaS support outsourcing?

For which device types and/or platforms do you offer SaaS Support?

How much does it cost to outsource SaaS support?

Can I pick support agents myself?

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