Technical Support

Don't grow it alone. Squad up! Let us provide top-notch technical support to solve simple to complex issues, so that your customers can enjoy your solutions with ease.

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Rapid, Scalable Solutions

Lean on our global footprint, technical infrastructure, and agile partnership models to build a technical support team that can remain flexible and adaptable to your business.

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Tiered, Cultivated Support

Our Ninjas are well-versed in multiple technologies, and quickly adapt to the technicalities of your products. With us, your customers are in safe hands.

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Technical support benefits

Don’t let headcount become a headache. Our talent pool is rich with technical talent—reach out today and get connected with talent that meets your needs.

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Achieve Sustainable Growth Overnight

Increase your team's productivity and turn frustrated customers into faithful followers. Our Ninjas will cut down support issues so that your business can flourish.

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Conserve Time and Resources

Our dedicated technical support staff can alleviate the need for expensive training, equipment and staffing as our Ninjas become experts in your universe.

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Enrich Your Customer Experiences

Provide more intelligent and meaningful interactions by connecting experiential data across the customer journey.

Your (powerful) little secret.

With Ninjas at your back, you can set your sights higher.

Your dedicated Ninjas will become experts in your world so they can safeguard what you’ve built. And when things change, we’ll be there to pivot right along with you.

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We hate to brag, but are flattered when our clients do it for us.

"Our partnership with SupportNinja has helped meet client demands we couldn’t handle internally. They have also given us great referrals with a much shorter sales cycle than we typically see."

Michael Hanson

VP Growth, CloudTask

Still Have Questions?

We are here to answer your questions and get to work helping you help your customers.

What kind of technical expertise does SupportNinja leverage for its clients?

We provide technical support outsourcing related to any piece of software or IT device. That means our Ninjas can service your customers for any mobile app, hardware, or software products.  In fact, many of our clients are SaaS companies. You just tell us your needs – we’ll build a team and train them only for your account. No proprietary technology is beyond the skills of our teams.

What happens if my company significantly changes software with an update?

Nothing bad, if that’s what you’re worried about! Our Ninjas are perfectly capable of adapting to product changes and even re-learning it as needed. We simply advise to let us know in advance of what’s going to change, so that your outsourced team is on the same page. That way, we’ll be ready for a potential influx of confused customers looking for help.

How does the outsourced support team fit in with the in-house development team?

Think of us as an extension of your team, here to help your customers use your technology. This also means that we don’t operate outside of your SOPs, business goals, or product trajectory. We’re simply (most likely) very far away location-wise! If potential bugs are reported or if significant customer requests pop up for a feature, we’ll communicate that over to you. Generally, we advise weekly meetings in the first 90 days of your Ninjas going live, and bi-weekly from there. During those meetings, we can discuss growth opportunities for the team, as well as any other pressing matters.

What services are included in the tech support package?

That wholly depends on the needs of your business, so it’s best discussed with one of our friendly, skillful, and helpful Business Development Executives. As an idea though, we can set up a team for:

- Tier 2 & 3 Support
- Quality Assurance
- Advanced Troubleshooting
- Remote Assistance

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