Our Story

SupportNinja is an omnichannel provider of customer care and back-office support solutions. We primarily work with VC-funded technology companies in Silicon Valley and around the world. Our service is vital to the core operations and functionality of consumer-focused apps, software, and platform-based technology companies.

SupportNinja originally started out as SupportMonk in early 2014. Originally based in India, It grew to a team of over 50 Linux Support Engineers before our founder, Cody McLain established SupportNinja to serve an emerging market. There was an underserved niche of customer support needed for fast-growing tech startups.

After much research, Cody established an office in the Philippines and grew the company to a team of over 100 Ninja’s before appointing fellow entrepreneur, Connor Tomkies to be CEO.

The duo form a unique partnership, as Cody’s passion exists with technology and processes while Connor loves working with people. The company now employs 250+ people in its Philippine office with ambitious expansion plans.

Today, SupportNinja is a company that services some of the biggest names in tech and is helping to scale everything from a Fortune 500 company to small startups just blooming.

Our Values

Client centric and Employee Focused

We care equally about our clients & employees.

We don’t make compromises. We treat our employees like family, and many of them consider their work-place their second home. All profit is reinvested back into the company and much of it goes to improve the lives of our Ninja’s with investments in continued education and wellness.

Always be Humble

Stronger teams only form with a humble bunch.

Only truly humble people can be engaged in a great effort to magnify what is best in themselves and defeat what is worst; to become strong in the weak places. We hire only those who respect one another and willing to view themselves and others with a little humility.

Improve Everyday

Great effort is put into empowering Self-Improvement.

In order to keep the mind young, one must stay learning throughout their life. At SupportNinja we take learning and self-development seriously with in-house learning curriculums. We reward our Ninjas for course completions with certificates and other opportunities. 


Only candid conversations can lead to growth.

Certain topics can be difficult to discuss. Hard things are a fact of life and we actively discourage sugar coating through our on-boarding and on-going training programs. Only by having a culture of frankness can we ensure personal and team growth.

Collectively Bring Joy

Above all, we’re a collective of happiness for all to enjoy.

We believe that the secret to happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family; and we have no shortage of that at SupportNinja. With the help of our Happiness Coordinator, we seek to promote healthy levels of happiness and love to support the Ninjas and the organization as a whole.    

Global Expansion

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