Once upon a time…
there lived a family of Ninjas.

These weren’t just any Ninjas, they were – SupportNinjas.
Out on a mission to humbly serve in the ranks of the great.

SupportNinja is an omnichannel provider of customer care and back-office support solutions. We primarily work with VC-funded technology companies in Silicon Valley and around the world. Our service is vital to the core operations and functionality of consumer-focused apps, software, and platform-based technology companies.

SupportNinja originally started out as SupportMonk in early 2014. Originally based in India, It grew to a team of over 50 Linux Support Engineers before our founder, Cody McLain established SupportNinja to serve an emerging market. There was an underserved niche of customer support needed for fast-growing tech startups.

After much research, Cody established an office in the Philippines and grew the company to a team of over 100 Ninja’s before appointing fellow entrepreneur, Connor Tomkies to be CEO.

The duo form a unique partnership, as Cody’s passion exists with technology and processes while Connor loves working with people. The company now employs 250+ people in its Philippine office with ambitious expansion plans.

Today, SupportNinja is a company that services some of the biggest names in tech and is helping to scale everything from a Fortune 500 company to small startups just blooming.

PACIFICHOST maintained nearly 300 servers across two datacenters. Here is Cody in front of just 1 rack of servers in the Dallas facility.

SUPPORTMONK has a team experienced in a vast amount of technical skillsets from systems architecture, customer support and development capabilities. The team is now run independently of SupportNinja operations.

Our Office

We understand the need to maintain happy people which means happy Ninjas. While most BPO’s have high attrition rates, we’re less than 3% and reward our employees greatly with Beer O’clock, Pizza Mondays and holiday parties throughout the year. Our dedicated “HappyNinja” helps make sure all our Ninjas are well taken care of.

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Ninja Values

We work with a tremendous amount of pride knowing the work we’re doing is helping young companies around the world achieve greater success with their goals. This is why we have our own goals set just as high.

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