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Foster a safe and welcoming online community

Ensuring community standards on a public platform or app can be overwhelming. As you grow, sorting through the barrage of user-reported flags and public reviews only gets more and more time-consuming.

Ninjas moderate user-uploaded music, text, video, and images to quickly remove sensitive, inappropriate, or illegal content according to your unique community guidelines. By responding to public reviews and mentions quickly, they help keep your customers happy.

What We Do

Community Management

Your online reputation is in good hands

Maintain standards for blogs, forums, apps, and other social platforms

Evaluate content according to community guidelines and compliance standards

Foster trust and loyalty among your users and followers

Fraud Prevention

Flag suspicious activity

Monitor user activity for abnormalities

Identify suspicious accounts and monitor for bots

Review online transactions

Social Media Moderation

Increase Brand-Awareness

Tailor communication based on the needs of your audience

Review comments and connect with your user base

Improve brand loyalty with regular conversations and messages

Why Choose Us

No matter how large or small your community is, our comprehensive approach will let you sleep well at night.

Analytics and Reporting

Monitor your community and measure KPIs.

Access in-depth reports showing objectives, results and KPIs

Understand trends and moods of your fans and followers

Receive an early warning about potential issues or other problems

24/7 Coverage and Support

Have an always-on presence.

Engage your followers during prime hours with full support

Enjoy full holiday, weekend, and leave support

Deliver responses within minutes, 24/7 every day of the year

Reply to public comments and reviews, even when you’re closed

Reduce the work-load of your internal staff on the weekends

Risk and Crisis Management

Minimize your liability and respond faster.

Enjoy regular, comprehensive brand and user-risk audits

Scale your team up or down depending on your needs

Access additional trained staff to help mitigate incidents and protect your customers or community

Use precise management for sensitive and/or private communities

Provide your users and staff with community guidelines and if-then responses for common needs

Some Of Our Clients


"Support Ninja has been an integral part of our successful scaling strategy, and overall evolution of the world-class experience that we provide to our customers.

Joe Gilgoff

Customer Support Supervisor

"SupportNinja has been extremely professional and thorough - their processes are fantastic and their internal support staff is beyond expectations."

Logan Harper

Marketing Director

"Our partnership with SupportNinja has helped meet client demands we couldn’t handle internally. They have also given us great referrals with a much shorter sales cycle than we typically see."

Michael Hanson

VP, Growth

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