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There will always be a difference between ‘just getting the job done’ and ‘doing a great job’. When it comes to telemarketing outsourcing companies, SupportNinja knows the difference. While we will always be committed to doing work, we are more interested in the bottom line. At the end of the day we don’t want you to come to us just for your outsource telemarketing needs, we want you to come to us because we know how to make you money.

Outsourcing telemarketing is a great idea for moving your business forward. A strategy for success is being committed and knowing when the time is right to close a sale or when to stop pursuing. Our strategy includes ascertaining what your potential customers are interested in, using the right amount of persuasion, selling and providing after sales support.

Why You should consider outsourcing telemarketing services with supportninja:

Market research

Handling inbound call services

Handling outbound call services

Cold calling

Responding to queries

Telemarketing outsourcing will give your business an advantage in its industry. If it’s important to you or if it will increase your profitability and position in the market, then it becomes our priority.


The whole SupportNinja company has been phenomenal in helping to fill our obligation to provide 24-hour support to our customers. Furthermore, our KPI’s, specifically the First Response Time has improved dramatically since adding “The NInjas” to our team. Our team has more or less become a needed appendage that we couldn’t do without. Their company culture is very customer-centric and is filled with all-around great people.

Picture of Bradley Collins

Bradley Collins

Customer Support Supervisor

After being introduced to Alex, our Ninja Success Manager, we were pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy the on boarding process was like. We made clear the benchmarks we needed the team to hit and they’ve surpassed every expectation we had. Great team, solid communication, amazing customer support!

Picture of Sally Smaili

Sally Smaili

Customer Success Manager

We have customers calling in at all hours, but it wasn’t cost effective to have staff on-duty for the overnight hours. SupportNInja was able to fill this gap while maintaining our existing customer service standards. They’ve been extremely professional and thorough throughout the on boarding process and their staff is always a pleasure to talk to. Couldn’t recommend them enough!

Logan Harper

Digital Strategist

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