Your International Outsourcing Solution

Here at SupportNinja, we’re proud to offer access to both onshore outsourcing and offshore outsourcing with NinjaGlobal. We’re located in 8 countries and provide support in 11 languages for growing companies looking to partner with a dedicated team.

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More Ninjas, Languages & Places

When it comes to searching for quality customer support and technical support, finding the right team can be quite overwhelming. When you partner with SupportNinja, it doesn't have to be. With access to more Ninjas, more languages and more places, your company can grow with the help of our dedicated Ninja team.

Our NinjaHub Locations

Whether you’re looking for specific language support or a hub located near you, SupportNinja offers exactly what your company needs to support your customers locally and globally.

A map showing NinjaHubs in Canada, U.S., Puerto Rico, Colombia, Brazil, Portugal, Morocco, Romania and the Philippines.

Available Languages Around The World

With NinjaGlobal, you can access support in the following languages:

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International Customer Support & Technical Support

From Colombia to the Philippines, SupportNinja offers both customer and technical support. For Tier 1 support needs, consider our customer support solution. If you’re seeking premium or Tier 2 support, take advantage of our technical support.

One of our Ninjas working.

Our NinjaToolkit

SupportNinja's technology suite is designed to empower your Ninjas in our 9 NinjaHubs around the world with NinjaGlobal.

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NinjaCloud is our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or VDI. It is powered by a backend environment to provide a secure environment capable of powering virtual desktops anywhere, anytime, and on any device.


NinjaQA is the quality assurance tool used by SupportNinja staff to ensure a high quality service regardless of where the Ninja is located. It’s a tool dedicated to enable real time performance monitoring and measure success for each Ninja.


NinjaLearn is our Learning Management System (LMS) that allows us to further enhance the knowledge retention of our Ninjas by creating a custom online course curriculum. Accessible around the world, NinjaLearn streamlines the onboarding process.


NinjaGlobal pricing can be customized based on your specific requests. Additionally, prices will vary between countries and support tier level. If you'd like to learn more, please connect with us here at SupportNinja.

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