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Launching a new product or service in a market is hard work; especially when what you’ve created is a little slow to catch on. Failure to reach a critical mass of users will be detrimental to any company’s growth plans. Our lead generation service can help your company, large or small, scale its sales department and drive activity through these crucial opening stages.

What we offer is not a typical lead generation service. Instead, we conduct a custom implementation for every new customer to ensure that we’re not only the right fit, but that we can meet our own stringent quality assurance requirements. We service a range of SAAS and PAAS companies to help them meet the demands of their Boards and growth projections.

Depending on your needs and market type, we’ll craft a tailored lead generation process using the latest tools and techniques. LeadNinjas, as we call them, undergo a formal lead generation training course we’ve created that covers sales psychology and works to minimize accents when working with American customers.

Much of our work occurs alongside existing sales departments while helping them to optimize their funnel process. At the end of the day, however, it comes down to the bottom line. We do a great job of increasing the efficiency of existing SDR’s (sales development representatives) by giving them more time to build relationships with the leads that we supply.

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Customer Profile Creation

When you first sign up, we’ll take the time to talk with you about your business and its product and use your input to craft a profile of your ideal customer.

Lead Procurement

Using this profile, we’ll scour various online sources and social networks to find the right type of customer for you and add them to the target list.

Qualified Lead Referral

Once we’ve sent you a comprehensive spreadsheet containing your leads, we’ll ask your team to keep us up to date on successful signups. This will help us ensure that we’re on the right track.


How is SupportNinja better than other lead generation services?

Simple – our core belief is that the only good lead is a targeted lead.

That’s why, before we ever begin prospecting, we work with you to create a profile of the ideal customer for your business. We utilize a combination of personal experience gained over time and custom tools in order to craft an effective solution capable of supporting your company’s growth.

The result? Our in-house method of lead research has led to over $1M in sales for our clients already. And we’re just getting started.

What is lead custom data analysis?

It means that data is incredibly powerful and we know how to use it.

Our lead prospecting teams know how to perform custom data analysis on existing leads that helps you find trends and data points that you might not have thought of before. This could be something as simple as finding an email address or diving deep into the data in order to find common attributes among your converted leads.

If I use your company for customer outreach, will the leads know that I’ve outsourced?

We wouldn’t be Ninjas if we were easy to detect. With any email outreach that our team performs, they will do so either under an alias of your company, or under the name of a real sales representative who works with your team.

We find that pairing our service with an SDR (Sales Development Representative) leads to the highest increase in output and the highest ROI for our clients. We handle the most inefficient part of the lead funnel and only pass qualified leads to your SDR. It’s a win-win.

What's inside a personal email outreach message?

Our service is highly tailored to each startup we work with, ensuring that each email is focused entirely on helping you reach your goals. This means that we will not only create an accurate profile of your ideal customer but that we will work with you and your team to determine the best way to approach your leads.

Our team is trained in the latest cold emailing techniques and will craft emails specific to each stage of the sequence. Furthermore, we’ll gather and report weekly metrics on the percentage of emails opened, clicked, and replied to.

Our approach is typically received as a warm and friendly message that is short and to the point. We can, however, also incorporate any interesting articles you’ve written or ebooks you’ve created.

What industries/fields do you specialize in?

Our primary focus is on helping software and IT companies find highly qualified leads. However, our experienced Lead Generation team has combined experience in working with a wide range of industries including automotive, financial, healthcare, insurance, retail, and media and telecommunications.

If you’re in a unique market or emerging industry, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. We’ll work together to determine if our service is right for you.

What data is included in a lead?

You’ll receive all the information necessary to contact a lead including their name, email, company, phone number, address, and any social media accounts they might have. Furthermore, we can analyze any existing lead databases for custom datasets with our custom data point add-on.

A sample lead list can be found here.

What is a custom data point?

Available as an add-on to any package, we can gather additional information per your specifications for each lead, over and above the standard bits of data.

For example, you might want to know how many employees work at an organization or how many Twitter followers they might have. This information can be valuable if you have a hypothesis about the commonalities between your existing customers and/or a proven correlation that results in higher conversions.

What type of contacts do you target?

That depends on three things: your business type, your product or service, and your goals.

Our initial kick-off call is dedicated to figuring these out. Once we have that all locked down, the task of finding your contacts can begin.

Can your service help me find emails through a list?

Yes! In fact, this is a specialty of ours!

Let’s say, for example, that you have a list of Twitter handles. We can help you research into those leads and find data points including their contact information,

company information, and more. We can also help you reach out to them through a personalized email as a part of our lead services.

Any existing lists or databases you might have will also be analyzed to collect contact and company information. The best part, however, is that we’ll only charge for the leads that we’ve managed to collect contact information from.

If you have a large database, or have a constant stream of leads that needs to be analyzed, you might be better off hiring your own dedicated team of Ninjas. Feel free to reach out to us to learn more.

If I had to choose 1 word to describe these guys, it’d be BADASSES. I make and review apps across the IOS and Android platform and found myself struggling to keep up with my users so I could effectively improve each apps performance. We discussed a few possible solutions and although I was hesitant at first, I’m glad I made the leap. Today I’ve got 3 full time guys working for me and they all sit right next to eachother. 1 guy does dev work and fixes user reported bugs, another helps me with app reviews and the ladder handles full-on support mon-fri. Every monday we have a team meeting and they go off and do their thing for most of the week. I typically don’t write reviews but these guys are amazing with everything they’ve been able to offer and I look forward to growing my app business with them every step of the way!

\m/ ROCK-ON \m/

Bojan SavicFounder, IntellectuApp

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