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Understanding how to use all of the functions and features of Microsoft Excel can be a real head scratcher. The possibilities of how data can be processed using this tool is almost unending. If your business uses excel then, at some point you may want to recruit excel data entry services. It make sense to have access to a software application that can be used in hundreds of ways, but on the downside, your team may not have the skills to use the application efficiently. While you could wait on everyone in your business to learn how to use excel, you must know that this could take time and you would lose money in the process. This is where we come in, you should have already guessed by now that we are offering you a better option, which is excel outsourcing.

Depending on the project you are working on, after using Microsoft Excel you may have reason to present your data in MS PowerPoint, again, this is where we come in, so you don’t have to look any further. SupportNinja, the same company that will give you great excel outsourcing options, will also give you access to PowerPoint outsourcing.


Research data


Data processing

Data analysis

Data presentation

Data entry and sorting

Data import/export

If you want to outsource PowerPoint presentations or excel data entry, contact SupportNinja, we want to start discussing the services you need and the price that’s right for you.


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"Our partnership with SupportNinja has helped meet client demands we couldn’t handle internally. They have also given us great referrals with a much shorter sales cycle than we typically see."

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