Data Entry Solutions

We help companies save money by increasing the efficiency of their workforce.

Data Entry Services

Detailed, fast and accurate data entry services to keep your most important records safely stored and up-to-date.

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Data Conversion Services

Conversion of unusable data into intuitively organized, valuable information.

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Data Processing Outsourcing

Comprehensive data processing – raw data capture, analysis, conversion and presentation of results.

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Microsoft Excel Outsourcing

Data input and number crunching via Excel or Google Spreadsheets to free up your time so you can focus on the results.

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List Building Services

Compilation of detailed lists that are essential to keep when growing your business – like perspective customers and investors.

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Outsource Offline Data Entry

Secure and reliable offline data entry services for high-volume confidential information.

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Outsource Image Data Entry

Expert image handling – safe storage, indexing, sorting, format conversion and enhancement of all your company’s images.

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Outsource File Conversion

Fast conversions between file formats for seamless and secure software transitions and upgrades.

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Forms Processing

Systematic and timely entering of important forms to prevent loss, errors and future headaches.

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Mailing List Compilation

Compilation of pertinent mailing lists to help keep your marketing efforts targeted and effective.

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eBook Data Entry

Comprehensive e-book servicing – proofreading, formatting, conversion from hard copy and all other e-book related tasks.

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OCR Services

More efficient data entry solution that uses an optical character recognition software for fast, high-volume throughput.

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Scanning Services

Scanning services to digitize and safely store important documents, and alleviate your company of bulky paper records.

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Property Management Back Office Services

Reliable property management that takes all of the time-consuming administrative duties and customer relations off your hands.

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Specialized Data Entry Services

Most data entry is fairly easy to do and doesn’t require too much skill, however in special cases it requires expertise in a field which we can do too.

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Outsource PDF Conversion

Fast, low-cost conversion of virtually any paper document into an organized, easy-to-search PDF document.

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Outsource Insurance Claims

Cost- and time-efficient insurance claim management that follows your company’s operating guidelines.

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Product Data Entry Services

Meticulous management of your e-commerce’s product database including stock updates, and product uploads and descriptions.

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Outsource Data Cleansing

Complete cleansing of your company’s records to eliminate errors, missing data and inconsistencies.

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Word Formatting

Professional formatting of all your Word documents to ensure that your Word projects meet – and exceed – the industry standards.

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Outsource Copy Paste

Gathering information from various sources and copy-pasting it in a format that meets the needs of your company.

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Data Entry Outsourcing

Outsourced entry of any type of data into intuitive, easy-to-analyze, useful information.

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Start saving your company money and increase the efficiency of your existing team.

If I had to choose 1 word to describe these guys, it’d be BADASSES. I make and review apps across the IOS and Android platform and found myself struggling to keep up with my users so I could effectively improve each apps performance. We discussed a few possible solutions and although I was hesitant at first, I’m glad I made the leap. Today I’ve got 3 full time guys working for me and they all sit right next to eachother. 1 guy does dev work and fixes user reported bugs, another helps me with app reviews and the ladder handles full-on support mon-fri. Every monday we have a team meeting and they go off and do their thing for most of the week. I typically don’t write reviews but these guys are amazing with everything they’ve been able to offer and I look forward to growing my app business with them every step of the way!

\m/ ROCK-ON \m/

Bojan SavicFounder, IntellectuApp

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