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Data-Driven & Customer-Driven Experiences

The decisions your company makes can shape customer behavior and ultimately profit. That's why it's so important to provide excellent service at every turn in the customer journey. With SupportNinja by your side, you'll be able to use and scale data-driven methods with support ticket software that documents interactions between customers and staff for future reference and improvements. Additionally, our Ninjas can help meet the needs of customers that not even a detailed knowledge base can achieve.

Build a reputation for phenomenal customer experiences

Outsourcing customer service and technical support helps you focus on what you do best: growing your company.

Fast growth shouldn’t cost you high customer churn, expensive full-time support teams, or a backlog of unanswered technical questions. By outsourcing customer support, you get a team that’s prepared 24/7, eager to turn a customer’s potentially negative experience into a positive one. Outsourced customer service solves your need for support coverage and ensures that your consumers’ needs never go unaddressed. 

The SupportNinja team is always on—and ready to scale when you are.

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An Integrated & Ethical BPO

Our team is committed to the success of each and every agent. That's why we invest in continued education, wellness and employee engagement activities constantly. We believe when companies put their employees first by caring about them as people they are better able to serve those who need our services most ~ your customers!

24/7 Staffing

When you partner with SupportNinja, you gain access to a team that can support your company 24/7. Whether your customers need support in the middle of the night or on weekends, you can rely on your dedicated Ninjas to be there for them.

The SupportNinja Advantage

The biggest issues in outsourcing are the lack of consistency, understanding and process alignment. Our team takes this into consideration right from the start by training Ninjas to provide consistent customer support across several channels in your brand voice. We help companies reduce customer effort, enable contact center employees, and continuously optimize business processes and outcomes. Your Ninjas also get empowered with tools that facilitate delivering amazing customer experiences!

Customer Support Outsourcing Benefits

Ninjas helping answer customer questions and building customer trust.

Build Customer Trust

Become the #1 trusted brand in your industry. No more unanswered questions from customers. Help customers in minutes, not hours or days.

Enjoy Savings

Sure you could hire in-house, but you’ll most likely pay two or three times the amount you could spend with us. On top of that, we’ll handle the hiring, onboarding, quality assurance for every agent on your team.

A Ninja being trained on customer support best practices.
Ninjas helping answer customer questions in a brand-safe manner.

Realize Brand-Safe Customer Service

In addition to saving time and money, outsourcing customer service to SupportNinja will give your customers another reason to fall in love with your brand. We provide knowledgeable agents who are trained to be specialists in your brand.

Scale Customer Experience

Your company won't have to worry about recruiting thanks to the support of SupportNinja. We'll help you facilitate your customer care, so that it can scale efficiently and successfully.

A Ninja helping check off all the tasks leading to scaling customer experience.

Technical Support Outsourced

Technical issues are inevitable. Even the most thorough usability testing can’t replace the need for good technical support. At SupportNinja, we recruit and train your Ninja team to help customers 24/7 and turn at-risk users into lifelong, satisfied customers.

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Our Omnichannel Approach To Support

Our talented team members are skilled at working with customers across every possible interaction. Whether it's voice, text, chat, email or social media they're well-versed in providing an informative experience for each customer and making them feel comfortable.

One of the most important goals of customer support is to respond to a customer inquiry with speed. Enabling customers to chat with your brand directly can lead to faster resolutions therefore reducing churn and increasing loyalty over time.

In app support is perfect for enterprises who seek to achieve high customer retention. If a customer logs in and then has any questions or needs help with your app, they can simply tap on the "Contact Us" button within the app, input what's wrong and have all their questions answered without leaving the app.

Email is versatile for offering customized support to customers. A timely, thoughtful reply from outsourced customer service Ninjas can help your customers get the most out of their purchase. 

There will always be customers who feel their inquiries can only be answered via phone. With outsourced customer service, your brand is just a phone call away to help with everything from simple password resets to complex technical troubleshooting.

Your customers are spending their time on social media, so why shouldn't they get support from you there too? Our Ninjas provide a simple way to give your clients the actionable support and information that is sure to make them happy.

Seamless Integration Across Platforms

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"SupportNinja has been extremely professional and thorough - their processes are fantastic and their internal support staff is beyond expectations."

Marketing Director, DentalSave

"Our partnership with SupportNinja has helped meet client demands we couldn’t handle internally. They have also given us great referrals with a much shorter sales cycle than we typically see."

VP, Growth, CloudTask

"SupportNinja has really been flexible with us as we’re growing the business, and have been really responsive and accommodating. They’ve been integral to helping our business grow."

VP of Quality & Customer Care, SymmetryRX

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