SupportNinja’s Learning Management System

NinjaLearn is SupportNinja's custom tailored training program that your team can access at anytime. It helps store key pieces of information, train Ninjas faster, and establish best practices.

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What NinjaLearn Courses Cover

These courses cover everything from grammar to the specifics of client products and services. Not only is NinjaLearn used to help onboard Ninjas to their new roles, but it’s also used for regular knowledge checks and assessments to make sure Ninjas are meeting and even exceeding expectations.

The Remote training solution

NinjaLearn is an interactive training program that allows SupportNinja to train people who work remotely from other countries. Provide recordings, photos and videos and you can enhance the experience even more.

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NinjaLearn Capabilities

Once a Ninja team has used the platform via assessments, trainers can use the information to adjust the curriculum for individuals and monitor Ninja progress in real time. Since the platform is interactive, it can also store the following and much more.

Video icon

Upload Videos

Offer your Ninjas a presentation of your expectations when responding to customers.

Image icon

Showcase Photos

Provide engaging visuals when Ninjas read articles to help them better understand material.

Microphone icon

Provide Recordings

Give your Ninjas examples of how responses to customers should sound.

Additional Ninja Tools

With SupportNinja, you can empower your team of Ninjas to provide unparalleled customer service. Alongside this technology suite, you can do just that.

NinjaCloud icon in purple.


NinjaCloud is our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or VDI. It is powered by a backend environment to provide a secure environment capable of powering virtual desktops anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

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NinjaQA icon in blue


NinjaQA is the quality assurance tool used by SupportNinja staff to ensure a high quality service regardless of where the Ninja is located. It’s a tool dedicated to enable real time performance monitoring and measure success for each Ninja.

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NinjaLearn comes with your SupportNinja package when you become our client. Since pricing varies we recommend reaching out to us to get a customized quote.

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