SupportNinja’s Virtual Desktop

NinjaCloud is SupportNinja's virtual desktop that is designed to meet PCI-DSS and SOC II security standards, be scalable and ultimately be customizable to your company's needs.

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Customizable & Designed For Scalability

NinjaCloud uses a software-defined network meant for scalability. With its high-performance computing and desktop specification flexibility, NinjaCloud enables you to add virtual desktops without impacting service. When you become a client of SupportNinja, we can accommodate your memory, CPU, and disk drive needs.

Your team. Anywhere. On any device.

NinjaCloud enables your Ninjas to work around the world quickly and with ease, all while staying secure. It enables them to stay productive no matter where they are located.

A map showing where NinjaCloud can be used around the world.

NinjaCloud Package

To better equip your Ninja team NinjaCloud offers everything your company needs to share and protect content around the world. It's package includes the following.

  • Two-tiered firewall architecture
  • PCI-DSS and SOC II compliance
  • Disk encryption
  • Data loss protection
  • Intrusion detection
  • LDAP authentication
  • File integrity management
  • Security event correlation
What comes with the NinjaCloud package: protection and management.

Additional Ninja Tools

With SupportNinja, you can empower your team of Ninjas to provide unparalleled customer service. Alongside this technology suite, you can do just that.

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NinjaLearn is our Learning Management System (LMS) that allows us to further enhance the knowledge retention of our Ninjas by creating a custom online course curriculum. Accessible around the world, NinjaLearn streamlines the onboarding process.

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NinjaQA is the quality assurance tool used by SupportNinja staff to ensure a high quality service regardless of where the Ninja is located. It’s a tool dedicated to enable real time performance monitoring and measure success for each Ninja.

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NinjaLearn comes with your SupportNinja package when you become our client. Since pricing varies we recommend reaching out to us to get a customized quote.

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