Here’s how we recruit and onboard for your success.

Here at SupportNinja, we employ a focused approach when crafting the right solutions to take our clients’ businesses to the next level. We believe in the power of a collaborative business ecosystem, which is why we ensure that our clients have a deep, hands-on involvement in every aspect of their campaigns.

We start with a thorough analysis of your needs and business goals. This enables us to formulate custom strategies that will deliver results that can be implemented in as little as two weeks.

Your ninja team

Ninja Buddy

When adding new Ninjas, they’ll typically be paired with a more experienced Ninja who will help them get acquainted with their system and the scenarios they might encounter. This collaborative, team-based approach to learning is proven to make the new employee’s on-boarding faster.


You have the option of including a Samurai, or Team Lead. The Samurai gives your team more direction in their day to day performance. He or she also works to help your Ninjas achieve the goals they’ve set for the work they will perform for your organization.

Ninja Success Manager

Every customer works with a Ninja Success Manager that is based in the United States. The Ninja Success Manager serves as a liaison between your team and your Ninjas in order to make sure that your goals are being achieved.

Our recruitment process

Job Posting

Our first step is typically to post on local job boards that are relevant to the position being hired for. Alternatively, we also have an extensive database of pre-vetted candidates.

Candidate Client Approval

If the candidate is determined to be a suitable fit after passing through our initial interviews, we can, at your option, pass the candidate’s resume and test data to you for final approval before proceeding to next steps.

Automated Screening

Any applicants who apply for the position will first have to take a series of tests to measure their aptitude, personality, and skill for the position at hand.

Group Interview (For Samurai)

When hiring a Samurai, we have an additional step which brings the candidates to the office in a group setting. We then facilitate a discussion among them to see who might be a natural leader.

Initial Interview

In the first interview we’ll review their background experience and perform further tests. These tests will include language and critical thinking exams to ensure a quality candidate.

Roundtable Hiring Approval

When all background and medical checks have been completed, our hiring team will make a final vote of approval of the candidates before extending formal offers.



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In every new hire’s first few days, we’ll train them on our culture, company policies, payroll, and service expectations.

1-5 Days

Ninja School

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Ninja School

We’ll then put them through training material specific to their role as well as any information we’ve compiled from the client.

3-7 Days

Proving Grounds

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Proving Grounds

In the final phase, the new hires will undergo thorough scenario-based testing before finally being placed into a production environment.

5-24 Days

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