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Is there a language barrier with people in the Philippines?

This was one of our biggest questions as well.

The truth is that the Philippines is one of the largest English-speaking countries in the world, ranking as number three behind the United States and the UK. The country’s official language is Tagalog, with a smaller population speaking Bisaya. English, however, is spoken by every Filipino and is a common language used in official business and government documents.

At Ninja Partners, the first thing we ask of all of our applicants is to go through an English and grammar test. If they can not pass this initial test then they will not move on to any additional stages.

As a result of this screening, all of our Ninjas have excellent reading, writing, and verbal communication skills. Our customer service representatives are familiar with how to speak with US customers on the phone and are easily understood.

The average American is unable to distinguish the voice of a Filipino from that of an American. This uniquely positions our solution as being capable of responding to any need; be it via telephone, chat, or email.

What makes your company unique?

It’s true – there are thousands of BPO companies located in the Philippines. Many of them are large, established, and cater to the corporate interests of mature companies. However, at SupportNinja, our interests lie with growing startups. We know how startups run, operate, and, in many cases, we know how they succeed. Our service is geared toward a growing venture which may not have an existing SOP that a typical BPO would expect to work within. Instead, we’ve done that work for you by creating a unique suite of innovative hiring, training, and monitoring processes that will ensure a high level of consistent service for your growing enterprise.

What are your working hours?

While the business hours in our US office are 10am-6pm CST, our Philippine office remains open 24x7x365. An office manager is on duty every hour of the day in the office where your staff is located. This means that there is always a supervisor on hand who can work to resolve any issues in real time, as they happen.

How long does it take to start service?

This depends on a variety of factors, including how many staff you’re seeking to hire and what role we’re asking them to fulfill. Generally speaking, you should expect the recruitment phase to take around two to five weeks. During that recruitment phase, we’ll work with your team to create a game plan for training your new staff and then set a go-live date.

What do Filipino agents sound like?

Voices and accents vary from person to person and the roles they’ve been trained in. When their primary role involves speaking on the phone we will give more emphasis on ensuring it is easy to understand them when speaking. When voice operations plays a secondary or minor role we will place more emphasis towards experience. Regardless, all of our Ninja’s undergo extensive testing and training before being let out in the field.

Below is a voice demo of some of our Ninjas.

What is the cost saving and business advantage that my company can gain from outsourcing?

Much of this depends on on the type of business you have and the processes that are being outsourced. As a general rule, companies can typically expect to see a 50-80% savings on variable expenditures and a measurable productivity increase among its existing workforce.

How does the signup process work?

We have 4 distinct stages we go through with every new customer that we onboard.

Business Analysis

In this initial stage, we look for and identify the key areas in your company where we can provide the most effective service.  Sometimes our clients start by requesting solutions which differ from what eventually becomes the most effective solution for them. Our business analysis confirms or disproves their hypotheses, allowing next steps to be based on accurate information.

System Design

This is where we will create a preliminary assessment and map out the on-boarding process that has been specifically tailored for your company. We’ll determine what the human capital requirements are and the technology required for implementation. Our team will also consider compliance issues, feasibility, and then create a pricing quote specifically suited to your needs.

Process Migration

Once we determine that we’re a good match for each other, our team will begin the migration stage. This entails setting up a plan for the project as a whole, as well as communications, training, and process mapping. Your team’s manager will review any SOP’s and other documentation necessary to integrate into our existing training processes.

Service Delivery

Upon completion of training, we will begin providing services while our executive team heavily monitors performance. We want to ensure two things: first, that all critical benchmarks are being met and second, that you are completely satisfied.

How do representatives get retrained over time?

Your company will have a direct point of contact within SupportNinja to ensure that any changes with your product or service are passed down to your team. We maintain a duplicate collection of your company’s systems and processes in our secure project management system which notifies the entire team of any changes. We will also update any previous training material that established procedures that we created for your company. This will ensure a smooth on-boarding process for any new Ninjas using the most up to date information available.

How do you manage confidentiality?

The data your Ninjas access during the day never leaves the office. We maintain strict access to essential systems via biometrics and we have CCTV cameras positioned throughout the building. Each staff member undergoes a thorough background and reference check before being hired. Lastly, we maintain a bonded non-disclosure agreement with each employee. We believe that this multi-tiered solution provides the utmost in client data security.


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