Zopim Software Review

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Introduction Zopim is a startup company from Singapore that launched its live chat software in 2008. Zopim offers SaaS online marketing, support, and analytics all in real time. Two years...


Zopim is a startup company from Singapore that launched its live chat software in 2008. Zopim offers SaaS online marketing, support, and analytics all in real time. Two years after launch, Zopim offered its “freemium” model, powered mostly by investors, and was named as Asia’s Top 10 Apps for 2010. The majority of users opted to use the paid version, pushing the company to earning its first million by 2012.

Zopim was initially compared to Olark, a similar software from California’s Y-Combinator, but Zopim began growing at a faster pace by 2014. Zopim was later purchased by Zendesk, Inc, which also offers cloud-based SaaS customer support solutions.

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The Features of Zopim

The typical Zopim system has two main elements:

  • A web-based chat widget
  • A web-based dashboard control panel

Zopim users can easily embed the widget into their HTML code and begin chatting with web visitors using the dashboard. In a recent interview with the Content Marketing Manager of Zopim, Abhiroop Basu, Basu reveals the company policy of customer-first and customer’s customer-first being the main reasons for the success of the software.

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Here are the major features of Zopim:

The Live Chat – The chat is automated and can be launched from the Zopim dashboard. Chat is available in different languages. There are customizable triggers that initiate a chat session. An example of a trigger is when a visitor stays on a page for a specific length of time. This action suggests uncertainty, which prompts Chat to pop up and volunteer assistance. Chat transcripts are stored automatically and deleted after several weeks.

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Ticketing System – There is a ticketing system for CRM. Additionally, customer notes can be added when used with a third party CRM software.

Tracking and Monitoring – Zopim has a tracking feature that allows the user to see who is on site, location, and the amount of time the visitor spends on site. All visitors can be categorized, prioritized, and even color coded so users never miss critical chats.

Chat Reports – This report gives users a rundown on chat activity and missed chat opportunities plus satisfaction ratings given by visitors.

Agent Report – This report gives users an overview of chat times, calls served, response time, and satisfaction ratings.

Real Time Monitoring – This report can be run daily, and shows users a quick summary of chat volume, agent performance, and visitors’ experience.

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Security Protocol – Zopim does not require its users to install additional security software. Zopim has a multi-layered, multi- tiered setup similar to those used by top corporations. All data is password protected, and all passwords are account specific.

Datanyze – This is Zopim’s way of identifying customers and helping agents encourage and nurture a sale. It eliminates the need to buy data from outside sources by offering a high response system that is simpler and easily updated.

Customization – Zopim is able to match the look of a website so it appears to be part of the business platform. Colors, layouts, and themes are available for full customization.

Other Features – Other features include a smart offline mode, Smartphone apps, advanced filtering by country, agent, or search, and integration with other apps like Zendesk, Shopify, Salesforce, and other popular apps.

Thus, users can easily switch from email to chat or social media channels to cater to customers’ needs.

Zopim Live Chat Plan Pricing

Zopim offers 4 standard plans: Lite, Basic, Advanced and Premium. There are no hidden fees and the free 14-day trial does not require a credit card.

  • The Lite Plan is the freemium offer. It can be used by only one agent at a time and is a great way to test the system. This plan has a 14 day chat history, email piping, visitor profiling, and IP and visitor banning.
  • The Basic Plan is priced at $11.20/month/agent for annual payments or $14/month/agent for monthly payments. It offers unlimited chats, full widget customization for up to two departments, and allows for two triggers.
  • The Advanced Plan costs $20/month/agent for annual payment mode or $25/month/agent for monthly payments and comes with all the features of Zopim including unlimited triggers, unlimited departments, online and offline operating hours, chat reports,  and REST API among others.
  • The Premium Plan has an annual payment mode of $44/month/agent or can be billed monthly at $55/month/agent. Aside from the features under the Advanced Plan, the Premium Plan also has widget unbranding which means the widgets won’t appear as Zopim widgets, agent reporting, high load dashboard, agent reporting, real time monitoring, IP access restriction, and 24/5 support.

Companies with more than 30 agents can avail of a bulk discount to be discussed personally with a Zopim representative. Users who want to use Zopim must start with the free 14-day trial.

Review Summary

Zopim is easy to install and use, however customization is limited; full customization is available under the Premium Plan. Their Chat and triggers are the best features of the software except trigger access is only available to those with paid plans.

The downside is their idle setting which disables tracking. Therefore, if users shift to another program, then users will have to switch off the idle mode in order for the software to remain active. There have also been issues with customer support which is plagued by various time zones, and 24-hour support which is only available on weekdays.

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The metrics offered are simple to understand, is accurate and in real time. They help users improve the quality of service provided to visitors and clients. Users will be notified of missed chats, pending cases, and the volume of incoming and outgoing communications. This gives users control over resource needs and availability.

Compared to other customer support features and software, Zopim is best described as a mini version of Zendesk. It allows for third party integration but only one integration at a time. In addition, being so closely connected to Zendesk, it appears that to get access to screen sharing and other real time monitoring, you have to get Zendesk.

Zopim is a good choice, but only if users can afford the monthly rates because settling for the free version or Basic plans will not give users the flexibility and range of features that are necessary to improve customer support. However, if users are looking for a robust chat feature to give customers quick access to support teams, then Zopim is one of the best in the industry.