The ABCs of Customer Experience

Craig Crisler


The importance of customer retention and a cohesive CX strategy. SupportNinja’s mission is to show the world a better way to outsource.

Here’s the thing. ABC lists are kind of ridiculous. They are an attempt to encapsulate years of experience down to a “five-minute read” list of solid principles which, in this case, will be used by some young founder to drive his Customer Experience (CX) strategy. Sure they are helpful, but let’s be honest-revenue growth is what companies rely on in determining if or when a strategy is successful. I’ve learned, from working with and consulting start-ups for many years that, like most things, the success rate of a CX strategy will depend on the big numbers conclusively. So, throw away the lists and let’s get down to what should be driving or deciding whether you implement CX strategy in your organization or not.

Heard from numerous clients who come to us at SupportNinja and get this glassy-eyed look when we start discussing CX and the need to make sure they have CX initiatives in place to grow their company. Sure we can create a practical customer support experience, but is it contributing to CLOSING. That point at which the rubber meets the road for money and CX. Honestly, CX is a nice word to have as a tagline, but from the boardroom to the support team, it means nothing unless you gain revenue growth from it.

Don’t believe me? Here is how the CX of ABC revenue generation should read:

67% of customers say they will pay more for great experience says Accenture.

3 out of 4 customers (73%) say experience is an essential factor in making purchasing decisions according to a recent PWC survey.

64% of customers recommend a brand based on experience (Adobe).

Now, this is top of the funnel stats which point to the power of CX being the primary differentiator in the market. If you want to be closing new business, you need to start focusing on CX. The market is following suit with a Walker study ( stating that customer experience is overtaking price and product as a critical differentiator. Everyone else is closing using customer experience, shouldn’t you?

33% of folks leave you based on one, I repeat, ONE bad experience says PWC.

Salesforce research says 57% of customers will go out and beat you up in the market for a bad experience.

Customer attrition is not closing, customer retention is, and if you are not building a cohesive and meaningful CX, you are not closing.

There it is, the “ABCs of CX” which in my mind is an acute awareness of the impact of CX on revenue generation and customer retention. Always Be Closing means you are looking at how you are contributing to and protecting the revenue generated by your product or service. That is our focus at SupportNinja, getting you to see the state of the consumer-centric world and helping our clients understand the impact of CX across their organization.

So, go get your lists and read up, join organizations like SupportDriven and CX Accelerator to gain insights from others who are taking up the mantle of “ABC = Always Be Closing.” Your revenue and your organization will appreciate it.

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