Content Potential: Top 3 Ways to Generate Value for Your Customers

Luna Tidrick


If valuable content is produced for the customer’s benefit, it can accomplish many things. The way we see it? Happy customer = happy company

Design isn’t everything. There, we said it. Although, as humans, we rely on how things look to make decisions on things such, food, clothes and people, content itself is paramount.

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Disappointing Content Leads To Second-guessing

That greasy, delicious-looking burger could look enticing, but the actual nutrition of it either doesn’t satisfy you or leaves you feeling sluggish.

It all trickles down to the question, “is this [item, piece of content, etc.] valuable or helpful to me?”

This same question applies to generating valuable content for your customers. Again, your customers, not yourself or the company.

The Value Of Helpful, Relevant Content

If valuable content is produced for the customer’s benefit, it can accomplish many things like:

  • Acknowledge & support the customer’s needs
  • Make your company credible
  • Become a resource to customers

The way we see it?

Happy customer = happy company

Acknowledges & Supports The Customer

Valuable content ideas can come from the customer. Review common questions and answer them. It does not have to be perfect, but it does have to exist.

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Makes Your Company Credible

Give your customers a reason to believe you have their best interests at heart. 

If you’re a healthy food vendor, become a thought leader in that space. Dive deep into research about your audience and create informative, persuasive content based on customer needs.

If you’re a gym, make sure to write thoughtful content that speaks to your audience’s needs. Offer testimonials as an example of how you impact people’s lives.

Your Brand Becomes A Resource

Provide your customers with what they ask for and more. Keep them engaged by making it readily accessible through different types of content like bite-sized pieces of encouragement.

Using common sense may not be common

It all seems obvious, but you’d be surprised at how out of sync companies are with their customers. At times, they push their own agenda before meeting their customer needs.

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One day at a time

Before you get too ahead of yourself, know this: great content and credibility doesn’t happen overnight. Make small adjustments overtime because in the end, it will help your business, but, most importantly, your customers.

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