How ClickFunnels Increased Their CSAT From 79% To 93.8% In 4 Months

Luna Tidrick


As a SaaS company, ClickFunnels wanted to scale quickly and efficiently, but also provide a better experience for their customers. After partnering with SupportNinja, they created a better system.

Why ClickFunnels Was Created

Born in 2014, ClickFunnels was created with the intention to facilitate the building of marketing funnels. In the past, creating a successful marketing funnel took time, coding and design knowledge. Today, with ClickFunnels, companies can customize their product or service pages seamlessly and, in turn, increase their efficiency.

The Challenge: A Torrent Of Tickets & Inability To Scale Quickly

As a SaaS company, ClickFunnels was not only seeking a way to scale quickly and efficiently, but to also provide an overall better experience for their customers. With their stream of tickets, ClickFunnels believed that by providing appropriate solutions for their customers’ issues, they could increase their CSAT score.

Working with SupportNinja has allowed us to scale our support team and coverage without needing to grow our support infrastructure. Support Ninja is easy to work with and I love their "No B.S." approach.” - Mark, Director of Support

The Solution: Source Qualified Agents & Flatten Stream Of Tickets

After partnering with SupportNinja, the team was able to source qualified Ninjas to better serve ClickFunnels customers. In approximately 4 months, the SupportNinja team flattened the torrent of tickets and created a system to better manage customer support.

The Result: Dramatically Improved CSAT, Savings, Flexibility

Within a 4-month timeframe ClickFunnels was able to:

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) from 79% to 93.8%
  • Save time and resources usually spent on sourcing and training new employees
  • Gain the flexibility to scale efficiently
  • Cross-train their tier 1 customer support Ninjas with tier 2 (technical) knowledge
  • Double the number of agents from 20 to 40 Ninjas
  • Lower their Full Resolution Time (FRT) from > 24 hours where the average is now less than 10 hours
“Working with Support Ninja has also allowed us to scale back on some other support technologies that we were utilizing that weren't contributing to a positive customer experience.” - Mark, Director of Support
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