4 Ways to Provide Great Customer Support Through Outsourcing: How One Ninja Does Them All

Sarah Egan


Although Raymond himself is quite humble, I tried to dig in to find out just what it takes to be such a kick-ass ninja. For one, he will always do his best to assist the customer.

SupportNinja Ninja, Raymond, with one and half-year-old daughter.

Raymond is 35 years old and married with a one and a half-year-old daughter. Though he is well- experienced in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) space, Raymond has been with SupportNinja for just one year, and we’re impressed! 

As a Ninja Success Manager at SupportNinja, I have the pleasure of managing over 30 accounts. These accounts employ over 135 ninjas based in the  Philippines each of which are not only important to me, but to the success of their specific account. Today I want to focus on one ninja in particular, Raymond Abis, and how he  is one of the kindest, customer-centric SupportNinja employees I’ve met. 

Raymond’s Impact And Customer Support Best Practices

Day-to-day Raymond works on SupportNinja’s  Robin account. As part of Robin’s desk management tool, you can map out physically distanced floor plans and reduced capacity to help keep employees safe and comfortable. I know what you’re thinking, “Wow! That tool would be amazing to help my office ‘Return to Normal’ after all this COVID19 stuff” and you’re right, it will. To learn more, please visit their website at According to our main point of contact at Robin, Ben Peak, “[Raymond] is not only one of the best reps I have worked with at SupportNinja, he is one of the best support reps I have worked with ever, full stop. He is driven, curious and naturally intelligent as well as a great teammate.” If you reach out to Robin for assistance via chat or email, you may be lucky enough to get a reply from Raymond who uses the following best practices.

Following-up With A Customer

Although Raymond  himself is quite humble, I tried to dig in to find out just what it takes to be such a kick-ass ninja.  For one, he will always do his best to assist the customer. From answering  questions  to  researching and providing  the right resources, Raymond makes sure the customer is well taken care of.  His tip for  happy customers? The follow-up. He finds customers are most satisfied when he follows up to make sure he provided the correct solution and to double-check if there is anything else he can assist them with. 

Although Raymond typically replies to chats in under a minute and a half and has a consistent Customer Happiness Rating of 100%, I knew these weren’t the only reasons he became a top performer so quickly. What it came down to was his key tenet,  “Time is Love.” He understands that if you give your time to a person, they feel loved and well taken care of. Raymond applies this to all his interactions with customers ensuring he fully focuses on them until their issues are resolved and questions answered. 

Browsing The Help Center Constantly

Raymond also attributes his success to“Learn[ing] the basics and then stay[ing] updated.” It is a habit of Raymond’s to proactively browse his client’s  website and read through their Help Center daily. When Raymond logs on to cover the overnight shift, he says it’s vital to go through all the recently handled chats and emails, this way he can make sure he’s completely aligned with what the team has been handling all day. If Raymond ever thinks he needs additional training in a certain area, our clients are great about answering questions and holding the necessary training sessions. 

Maintaining A Healthy Work/Life Balance

At SupportNinja, we consider work/life balance a huge indicator of success. That is to say, our employees who work hard while on shift, but take the time to fully disconnect while off shift, are our top performers. Though these tactics may not be for everyone, Raymond maintains work/life balance for himself by doing the following: Praying every day, thanking God for the opportunity and ability to work, spending breaks and off time with loved ones (working from home has made this easier for him!), and saving an hour for himself. He suggested people read, paint, and browse the web. “But what are your hobbies?” I asked. Raymond said he loves to research traveling to Japan—a place he’s dreamt of going to since he was a child. He loves Japanese culture, and unwinds by researching his dream trip! 

Raymond with his wife and daughter.

The Value Of Providing Quality Customer Support

I think everyone, ninja or not, can learn a lot from Raymond and his customer-centric attitude. His ability to follow-up, take care of his customers, stay in-tune with common customer needs, and maintain a healthy life balance, clearly shows what quality customer support looks like. Raymond is a kick-ass ninja, and I hope one day he gets to go to Japan and learn more about becoming an actual ninja!