Referral Program

1 month / 1 agent free
1 round trip flight and hotel to visit your Ninjas in the Philippines!


Talk to your friends about your experience with SupportNinja and find out how they can become a part of our Ninja family!


Fill out the below form to let us know their details and confirm in our system that they are friends of yours – we’ll treat them like family, we promise!


Send an email to the best person to talk with at the company and your CSM – make an introduction, share how you feel they could benefit from using SupportNinja, and we’ll get in touch right away!

Your contact will be connected with one of our amazing trusted advisors and get a feel for what they do, what they may need, and how we can help them. If there is a good fit we’ll keep moving forward.

When your referral joins the family by signing their 1-year contract with 3 agents or more we will let you know so we can all celebrate. Once their initial payment has been processed your CSM will connect with you about getting your choice of….

1 month / 1 agent free
1 round trip flight and hotel to visit your Ninjas in the Philippines!

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What you can do to help with this process…

Keep in touch with your contact and find out if they have gotten their Ninjas yet!

Share your stories!

Give them ideas for ways they could maximize what they do with our Ninjas.

Some key points that will help us all get the party started are:


A simple explanation of how SupportNinja has helped your company.


Why we would be a good fit for the person you are referring.


Include your CSM on the email!

Hi Lindsey,

It was great catching up this week! It sounds like Lindsey’s Flowers has grown a lot since the last time we talked. Hearing how you’ve had a challenge keeping up with the online questions and new website chat you activated got me thinking about SupportNinja for you.

We’ve been using SupportNinja for a while now and saw an incredible increase in our response time and support of our customers through their Ninjas. We were excited to get to go through their training process as we were able to personally connect with the agents they found us and fully integrate the customer experience we wanted through them. Maybe they can help you as you grow?

I’m copying my Ninja Success Manager, Alex Starr, on this email and he can help connect you with their team to see what they can do for you.

Hope to see you join the Ninja team soon!