Our Values

At SupportNinja, we aim to attract people to our organization who share the same values as us. Our core values guide us on developing our organization culture, branding and business strategies. This is what we believe in…

SupportNinja’s mission, vision and values drive every interaction to provide foundation for our success and commitment to excellence.

Our Mission

Innovative entrepreneurs have recently set out on a mission to change the world, and make the future a brighter one. Our company was founded with a simple promise to help make that happen. We thrive only as a result of the success and innovation of the companies we seek to serve.

Subsequently, we exist to help make their vision into a reality.

Our Vision

In order to achieve our mission of helping innovators around the world, we must be mindful of the framework in which we allow that to happen. We aspire to serve as a great place to work not in just the traditional sense, but with a purpose. Our commitment to share opportunity and wealth with amazing people gives them the motivation and purpose they need to fulfill their duties to our network of customers and suppliers. Together we work to make a difference in the world community by putting people before profit and the utmost integrity above all else.

Create opportunities for Personal Growth

As a company, we have a commitment towards our customers and shareholders. As an organization though, we recognize the difference we can make in the communities we seek to serve. We hope to create a passion and a drive in all of our employees so they can live better lives for themselves and their families. Therefore we promote constant learning in not only enhancing business but personal skills as well.

Build Open and Honest Relationships

The ability of any collective group of people to work together collaboratively requires the right foundation. It is our commitment to our employees and clients to be transparent among each-other and to build relationships based on personal trust. Furthermore, we aim to foster long-lasting relationships for new friendships and even marriages to form.

Pursue Passion and find Purpose

Many Filipinos are only a single generation away from farming. Collectively we hope to inspire many to pursue opportunities and live lives filled with meaning not only for themselves but for their family. While our organizational goal is to help make the dreams of the innovative companies we work with come true, we seek to help give purpose to so many who lacked it before and give a sense of fulfillment to the amazing people we work with.

Foster Respect and Cooperation

Serving so many of the innovators we work with is a challenge, and it must be built upon mutual respect not only with our partners but amongst our organization itself. We seek to ensure there is an environment capable of supporting mutual respect for one another to create an inalienable sense of collaboration within the workplace.

Be Committed to Big Ideas

Sometimes change can be exhilarating, and other times it can be downright scary. Our commitment to serving the innovators of tomorrow sometimes requires new workflows, methodologies and even different mindsets. We constantly push the boundary of what is possible not only in experience but in technology itself. It might not always be easy to innovate for our innovators, but we are committed to standing firm in the face of all obstacles.

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