Let's Scale your customer support

Increase your revenue 2X or more like some of our other clients

Lower your overhead and monthly operating costs

Increase Customer Response time for more loyal customers

Increase your own employees productivity by outsourcing

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Mission-Critical Support for Growing Enterprises

Compatible with any platform or service

We’re familiar with a wide variety of software to help support your clients. We work with many SAAS and PAAS providers and are familiar with many support and live chat software. For every customer we create a custom-tailored on-boarding guide for your Ninjas which includes program specific training.

We’ll optimize your existing processes for you

Whether you’ve already clearly defined the role or if you’re not sure, our Ninja’s are quick to adapt as your company evolves. We’re not just a “people leasing” service but more of a process management company that will help not only manage your growing team but also refine and update processes for you based on our interaction with your customers.

Track your teams performance and progress

We make tracking metrics easy. Each week you’ll receive a report from your Ninja Success Manager detailing all the latest metrics relevant to the role we’re filling. The report will include any metrics or data you request and more that might affect job performance to ensure a successful outcome.

Don’t take our word

Some kind words from our awesome clients

We were a little concerned about quality at first but they answered all of our questions and we felt like we’d be a good fit for each other. It took about 2 weeks for them to find our first set of Ninjas and it was really hands-off on our part. We worked hand-in-hand with the SupportNinja team and they’ve been extremely flexible in allowing us to make adjustments on the fly. All the Ninjas are logged into our Slack channel and they give us feedback constantly. We’ve been able to make many improvements to our systems to support our clients better and generate more revenue overall. They’ve done a fantastic job so far and everybody at Cleanify loves the Ninjas. We look forward to transforming the $400 Billion cleaning industry with the Ninjas by our side!

Taylor Alhgren

Operation Director, Cleanify.com

If I had to choose 1 word to describe these guys, it’d be BADASSES. I make and review apps across the IOS and Android platform and found myself struggling to keep up with my users so I could effectively improve each apps performance. We discussed a few possible solutions and although I was hesitant at first, I’m glad I made the leap. Today I’ve got 3 full time guys working for me and they all sit right next to eachother. 1 guy does dev work and fixes user reported bugs, another helps me with app reviews and the ladder handles full-on support mon-fri. Every monday we have a team meeting and they go off and do their thing for most of the week. I typically don’t write reviews but these guys are amazing with everything they’ve been able to offer and I look forward to growing my app business with them every step of the way!

Bojan Savic

Founder & CEO, IntellectuApp.com

Let's Scale your Customer Support

World-Class Outsourcing from the Philippines.

Grow without the Growing Pains

Add Ninjas On-Demand! No matter how fast or slow your company grows, know that we’ll be able to grow your team with you.

Improved Worker Productivity

Let your developers focus on what they do best. We’ll support your customers and give you customer feedback reports.

Lower Your Monthly Expenses

When you’re growing fast, cost can be an inevitable factor that limits your growth. We’re more cost-efficient than any other solution.

Mission-Critical Support for Growing Enterprises

No matter how big or small you are, we're your partner in getting bigger

Leasing vs Outsourcing

Which path is right for your business?

Ninjas aren’t just for the elite. If you’re a startup looking for remote people to handle tasks of any kind, our Ninja Leasing works great. We take care of the recruiting, hiring, compliance and employment status so you can focus on your business and work directly with the Ninjas to integrate them into your company.

Alternatively, if you have an existing team or need to scale quickly, our Ninja Ops Solution will help you with your operation. We’ll provide a highly managed and consistent service experience every single month. All this without having the overhead of hiring more managers on your end as it’s all included on ours.


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Annual Agreement

Recruiting & Hiring

Payroll & Benefits

Work Infrastructure

Day-to-Day Supervision

Performance Warranty

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Do you have any questions? We’ve got answers

What do you guys offer?

We provide outsourcing services to IT and Technology firms with services provided out of our Philippine office. Our service is custom-tailored to each company we work with and can be something as simple as customer support, outbound calling or advanced backend-office role. We allow companies to grow unrestrained and stay competitive as they grow.

How does billing work?

There are no setup fees or hidden costs. We're transparent with our service and charge based on headcount and the role being fulfilled. Much like an apartment, we'll ask for the first and last months rent and start billing only once we've recruited all the Ninjas your company needs. From then on we'll send out a monthly invoice payable via ACH, Credit Card or the more traditional, Check/Wire.

Is my company a good fit?

Our company serves primarily bootstrapped and VC-backed companies. If you're in the need of 1-2 people to do different roles then you might consider using an online freelancer service. We work with startups expecting high-growth and need help to manage a part of their business that is absolutely necessary for their continued success. We create partnerships, not customers - as our growth is interdependent and level of passion equally brilliant.

How long will setup take?

Once we both have a good understanding on the roles being filled, we'll send out the service agreement. After this we'll immediately begin recruiting and work with your team to create a tailored training program for your hires. A typical hiring time for a round of 10 Ninjas could take anywhere from 2-6 weeks. Once we've vetted all the recruits we'll train them to your standards and go-live with your approval.

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