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Outsourcing game moderation might not be something you hear about very often but SupportNinja is familiar with this concept. We know exactly how to meet the needs of people in the markets we serve. Our strategy is to give our customers options by offering a range of online management services to improve their business, this includes game moderation. Social media and other technological tools have made it so easy for people all over the world to square off in the online gaming lounge; we have taken the time to develop and maintain a plan for offering our service effectively, to support this niche.


Our team knows that you want to get the best benefits from your gaming solution and we want to ensure that your users aren’t beating the system, reducing your earnings or reducing the chance of a fair game for other users. If you stand to benefit from game moderation outsourcing service, then get in touch with us today.


"SupportNinja has been extremely professional and thorough - their processes are fantastic and their internal support staff is beyond expectations."

Marketing Director, DentalSave

"Our partnership with SupportNinja has helped meet client demands we couldn’t handle internally. They have also given us great referrals with a much shorter sales cycle than we typically see."

VP, Growth, CloudTask

"SupportNinja has really been flexible with us as we’re growing the business, and have been really responsive and accommodating. They’ve been integral to helping our business grow."

VP of Quality & Customer Care, SymmetryRX

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