SupportNinja Announces New 20 Mbps Fiber Optic Upgrade to Enhance Service Reliability for Clients

Nov 9, 2015

SupportNinja, a business process outsourcing firm specializing in providing startups with scalable solutions for growth, has today announced the addition of a 20 Mbps fiber optic line with redundancy.

Austin, Texas, October 26, 2015 – SupportNinja has announced an upgrade to the company’s main broadband connection – a 20 Mbps fiber optic line, backed by a 10 Mbps redundancy line to ensure the utmost in terms of performance and reliability for their customers.

“Our goal is to ensure our clients have fast, efficient, reliable connections for their teams,” stated Cody McLain, the company’s cofounder. “We’re excited to continue to enhance and upgrade our technologies to help support our expanding customer base.”

The upgrade was done to maintain the integrity and performance of the Shore360 broadband connection SupportNinja utilizes, and completed in conjunction with their supply partner, Comclark Network and Technology Corp. The upgrade offers lightning-fast connectivity, and the redundant 10 Mbps backup line ensures that the company’s clients are never without access.

SupportNinja offers outsourcing for startups in the IT and technology sectors, providing customer service outsourcing, back-office processing, lead generation and other crucial services. The goal is not only to help growing businesses conserve capital, but to allow them to scale teams at cost.

The company’s services are backed by decades of combined experience in the IT world. Cody McLain founded PacificHost – a hosting company that served business needs around the world. After successfully selling PacificHost, McLain went on to found SupportMonk, a team with significant kills in development capabilities, systems architecture and customer support. SupportNinja grew directly from his earlier successes, and today serves the needs of IT and technology startups expecting fast growth and in need of support, guidance and scalability to answer the challenges of tomorrow, today.

SupportNinja continues to provide essential business process outsourcing solutions, combined with custom KPI dashboards and A/B conversion solutions to increase efficiency through team optimization while scaling.