Aug 28

Partnering With Local Schools to Collectively Bring Joy

Mr. Mark Valencia, a former local councilor from a small town in Pampanga, Philippines, caught our attention with a story about how his local public school barely had enough chairs for all of their students. This story moved us and we decided to do something. 

While most of us had the opportunity to study in schools that are, at the very least, decent, there are less fortunate children in underfunded schools that barely have enough resources to keep their learning environment comfortable. These students have spent most of their school life sitting, reading, writing and solving math problems on their classroom floor. A few armchairs can make a huge difference.

This July, we went to this school with Mr. Valencia. It was in a small town roughly 2 hours away from Manila. We donated a few dozen armchairs and had an incredible chance to hang out with the kids and share a meal with faculty, students and their parents.

Ninjas from our customer service, technical support, image editing, and content moderation teams volunteered to help out. They assembled new chairs and helped the students get used to their new school rooms.  Afterward, the students showed their appreciation to our team of volunteers with an awesome dance performance. When we saw the beautiful smiles on their faces, we knew that our mission was accomplished.

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